About Us


Our purpose is to bolster the present and build the future of the Republican Party in Gillespie County by:

  1. Recruiting, training, and electing our Young Republicans to office
  2. Being persistently involved in our city, school board, and county political process
  3. Creating and maintaining a Godly, patriotic, informed, and unyielding conservative organization


President – Jett Burns

[email protected]

Jett Burns first got started in politics during the 87th Legislature, interning for then State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

That was when Jett first discovered the deeply embedded corruption in Texas government, and how the Republican Party of Texas priorities were being slow-rolled or ignored, even with complete Republican control.

Since then, he has poured hundreds of hours into grassroots activism efforts in Gillespie County, including block walking, voter engagement, data analysis, volunteer organization, poll watching, and many other activities.

Jett is excited to lead the Gillespie YRs in 2024, introducing new methods of outreach, growing the club’s involvement in Hill Country politics, gaining more members, and training new young activist Republicans.

Vice President – Drew Cisneros

[email protected]

Social Media Coordinator, President Emeritus – Heath Bell

Heath Bell was the 2nd President of the GCYRs, having been elected unanimously in January 2022.

As president, his focus was on growing the club, increasing its involvement in the community, and working with other local conservative groups to secure the future of the city and county.

His main goal was to ensure the GCYRs are cemented as the voice of young professionals and patriots in Gillespie County for years to come!

Secretary – Luke Littman

[email protected]

Treasurer – Alan Littman

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